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Gaia Repossi

As Artistic Director and the only daughter of Alberto REPOSSI, Gaia REPOSSI is responsible for developing collections for the storied house founded by her great grandfather.

With a degree in Fine Arts and a masters in Archaeology and Anthropology, REPOSSI is inspired by ethnic silhouettes and tribal adornment coupled with contemporary art. Using this knowledge, she is able to leave behind conventional design while still remaining true to the traditions of old world craftsmanship. The skills of artisans are employed with a youthful sensibility and applied ancient references.

REPOSSI collaborated with fashion’s best young talent including Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra, as well as cast friends as muses and engaged artist and sculptors in the creative process.

“My aesthetic is expressed through symetria, strong designs, revolutionary silhouette in a jewelry world scared of renewal.”

“My inspiration comes from Tribal, Nomad, Art Nouveau and Art Deco iconography and references.”

“I realized that jewelry wasn’t just diamonds, it was something else. It was cultural.”

“It’s very important to renew even within tradition.”

“Collective imaginary builds our dreams and who are in our monds.”

“What I do is seeing patterns on the flesh. Provoke desire. Obsessively.” “Suddenly, jewelry became a motif, it became a sculpture”.

Quotes from an Interview in March 2012