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Sarah Besnainou

The role of fine jewelry designer wasn’t always on the to-do list for or Sarah Besnainou. But, in the magnetic way that only one emotion can, love drew her there. The Paris born designer who once managed communications and marketing at Baby Dior was compelled to enter the fine jewelry field after creating a pair of cuff links to give to her boyfriend seven years ago, as a sign of her love for him.

When she approached a jeweler to create them, he misunderstood her request. “No, I don’t just want to draw them. I want to actually make them myself,” mused Besnainou, as she reminisced about the serendipitous scenario that changed her life. After sitting at the jeweler’s bench and actually hand making the 18-karat gold cuff links, Besnainou realized that jewelry design was where she was meant to be. And so, in 2007 she launched the fine jewelry collection, ETERNAME, translating from the French, meaning “Make me Eternal.”

“Of the name, she said, “I wanted to make him remember me.”

Based in an elegant salon that Besnainou affectionately calls, the Boudoir on Rue Clement Marot off the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, ETERNAME’s pieces are feminine and modern. Besnainou, a self-proclaimed aesthete, has long had a passion for fashion, art and design. In order to blend those worlds and inspirations into her pieces, she acquired a degree in gemology from the venerable Gemological Institute of America. Today, you will find ETERNAME pieces that echo the curve and dimension of sculpture, or the diaphanous weight of silk gazar, in combining materials such as titanium, ebony and enamel with traditionally precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and her favorite, tanzanite. ETERNAME is unique and personal, a reflection of the designer’s outlook on the world.

ETERNAME is pleased to announce its arrival to Harrod’s, the premiere luxury retailer in all of the United Kingdom. Other international points of sale include Saks Fifth Avenue in the U.S. and and Lane Crawford in Hong-Kong. ETERNAME has been featured in many publications include French Vogue, L’Officiel, U.S. WWD and Elle China.