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AS 29 – The Sweetest Pill

AS29 is a modern diamond remedy that promises to cure all ailments.
Founded by fourth-generation Belgian diamond dealer Audrey Savransky in 2008 and born out of her passion for diamonds, the line offers modern women the perfect cure to diamond envy.

“Today´s women is more than capable of looking after herself and we all know that diamonds are an essential part of any balanced lifestyle,” says Audrey.

Created with the same precision applied to any chemical compound, the collection´s name is inspired by the elements in the periodical table, combined with Audrey´s initials and her lucky numbers.
Designed to relieve aches and pains associated with a lack of diamond accessories, each piece is packaged in a luxe leather pillbox complete with instructions for dosage and administration. Contraindications include the possibility of visual disturbances due to acute brilliance and the onset of jealousy in non-users.

The mini-collection comprises of delicate diamond bracelets and necklaces featuring fun yet feminine motifs ranging from peace signs and flowers to pills and hearts. The pave collection is inspired by the beauty of nature with flowers and butterfly pendants encrusted with diamonds and coloured stones, and hanging from slender gold chains.

The limited edition Couture line, which was launched in 2009, combines high fashion with luxury in a range of bespoke jewels that make a bold yet edgy statement.
Ailing women can find AS29 remedies in Colette, Bon Marche, Montaigne Market, Printemps in Paris, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Liberty in London, Bongenie in Switzerland amongst other stores around the world.

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